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The Services

With standard carrier contracts, rate lock and multiple routing options, Switchover enables a standard carrier relationship with the suppliers and customers guaranteeing the following benefits:

Premium quality service
Guaranteed CLI
NO CLI routes only on demand
Advanced code breakouts and management
7-day rate notification
Antifraud solution

With one trunk group connected to Switchover, carriers can take advantage of Switchover’s Special Routing Table based upon specific needs for price, quality and feature capability.

Our Network and Systems

Switchover, via its partnerships, is operating on a large network infrastructure equipped with the
most recent technologies (Sonus GSX 9000HD) managing POPs in New York and Frankfurt connected
to Equinix (VMMR) which can guarantee the following features:

- Globally distributed TDM (SS7) and Geography redundant VoIP Switches.
- Transcoding capability
- Traffic management system with real-time call statistics
- Routing control with LCR functionality
- Carrier rate management with automated analysis
- Billing system with Fraud Control and Usage Alert
- NOC operations 24/7

Anti-Fraud and Test Quality Solution

Call quality and fraud prevention is a primary concern for consumers of International Voice Services today. Poor sound quality, low completion rates and no verified CLI transmission has no value, which is why delivering reliable connection with clear sound and guaranteed CLI is our main goal.

Higher call quality and guaranteed CLI delivery translate directly into more calls of a longer duration, leading to higher revenues and increased customer satisfaction.
To provide this, Switchover has set in place an efficient, integrated and exclusive Test Call System that, in the meantime, prevents frauds and leakage.

The exclusive system developed by Switchover's engineers has more than 100 probes dislocated around the globe to generate test calls and report the results in real time.

Additionally several patterns are used to analyze statistics, to compare the traffic profile by source (origination), by destination, in a matrix developed and managed by our anti-fraud department.
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