About us
Switchover Moldova

Who we are

Switchover AG is a Swiss Company that operates in the wholesale telecommunication market.

Our story starts in 2003 in London, when Switchward Ltd was established. In 2004 we became a Swiss telephone operator. In 2012, Moldtelecom - the national telecommunication company of Moldova, selected us as the exclusive gateway for the incoming and outgoing international voice traffic. Our dedicated teams, located in Chisinau and Switzerland, are continuously building fruitful and reliable relationships with our partners and clients.

What we do

We focus on companies with exacting requirements and we promise enriching relationships. We have the flexibility, technology and solutions to interconnect globally both with the major incumbents and international carriers, and with alternative operators. We grant high quality 24/7 services and we have truly competitive offers for our partners.


To understand and enable customerís challenges delivering the highest quality standards with advanced services and tailored solutions thus creating a platform for growth & improved profitability.

With our range of telecommunication services we want to become a point of reference in the international telecommunication market

Press release and communication

Switchover, formerly Switchward International Group, believes that improving the surroundings and the subsidiary industry is the only way to offer the market the best services. Switchover is constantly doing its best to achieve this goal. Here's what some local newspapers wrote about our work.
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